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Lubricant: why to use it and which one to choose

People who use lubricants have better sex and happier sex! Happy sex! It facilitates penetration and makes playing, with or without sex toys, much more enjoyable. It's the easiest and cheapest way to make every sexual experience smoother and more pleasurable.

Even if you feel like your body is d...

Lubricant: why to use it and which one to choose

People who use lubricants have better sex and happier sex! Happy sex! It facilitates penetration and makes playing, with or without sex toys, much more enjoyable. It's the easiest and cheapest way to make every sexual experience smoother and more pleasurable.

Even if you feel like your body is doing an excellent job without any help, you could be missing out on a lot of rewards from extra pleasure without knowing it - over 70% of women find sexual experiences more satisfying with the lube.

If you just want a water-based lube or if you feel like you want new experiences and want try other types, like flavored lubes or silicone lubricant, we'll help you find the perfect sexual enhancement for any occasion.

I want a lube for... So, give it a try...

Vaginal Sex: Water Based Lubricant or Silicone Lubricant

Sex Toys: Water Based Lubricant or silicone (the latter should not be used in realistic toys or with silicone toys)

Male Masturbation: Masturbation Lubricant , Water Based Lubricant, Silicone Lubricant ( the latter should not be used in realistic toys or with silicone toys)

Anal Sex: Anal or Silicone Lubricant

Toys Anal Sex: Anal or Silicone Lubricant (the latter should not be used in realistic toys or with silicone toys)

Greater Sensation in Female Orgasm: Lubricant for Heating and Cooling 

Greater Feeling For Him: Heating and Cooling Lubricant 

Delayed or Decreased Sensation: Delay Spray & Cream 

What is the best lubricant?

If you are going to buy just one lubricant, the best option is a water-based lubricant. They have a light, natural feel and are perfect for sex toys too.

Water-based lubricants don't leave stains.

The only downside of water-based lubricant is that you will need to use a lot during prolonged sessions as it can dry out easily and be absorbed into the skin.

Is it safe to use lubricants with condoms?

For the most part, yes. All water-based, silicone and flavored lubricants are 100% safe when used with condoms. The only exception is oil-based lubricant which can degrade the latex in condoms. Male masturbation lubricants are often oil-based. In our lubricants it will always be explained if a lubricant is not suitable for use with condoms, so check before buying.

What is silk lube?

Some lubricants, such as Liquid Silk, are referred to as silk or hybrid lubricants. This means that they are technically a mix between water and silicone, but the silicone content is low enough that it is good for use with silicone toys. The advantage of a hybrid lubricant is that it tends to last longer than one that is purely water-based.

Can I use coconut oil as a lubricant?

Yes, although it cannot be used with condoms and some sex toys. We recommend using a bottled lubricant that has been tested and approved for intimate use.

Can I use lubricants with my sex toys?

You must use water-based lubricant with all sex toys. You should not use silicone lubricants, as they can degrade the finish of your toy.

Sex and Menstruation? Say yes!

Existhere are many advantages to having sex during your period!

Colic relief is one of them. Several experts guarantee that there is no reason why you should not have sex during your period. Oral sex is not recommended, of course! But, many say that it will avoid those uncomfortable cramps because the uterus does not feel contracted, as Sapo Life Style mentions and very well!

If you're considering trying menstruation sex, we can give you some recommendations so you don't feel uncomfortable. But above all, always remember that the menstrual period is something that is part of the female body and not a reason for a woman to feel intimidated or embarrassed about going through it.

Currently there are tampons made of sponge that adapt perfectly to the female anatomy and are a great option for this time of the month.

They have numerous advantages:
- Ideal for use with spermicides;
- Comfortable and pleasant to wear;
- Suitable for use in saunas and swimming;
- Made of sterile and hygienic material;
- Dermatologically and clinically tested;
- Highly absorbent;
- Very simple to use;
- Almost imperceptible during intercourse;
- Environmentally friendly and without chemical substances.

How do they work?
The woman places the sponge in the vaginal canal placing it in the bottom of the vagina. It will work as a tampon. Once placed in the female sexual organ, it expands and covers the entire inner part of the vagina to absorb menstruation. As it is made with malleable material and suitable for this, neither the man nor the woman feels that there is anything there. To remove, the woman just needs to insert her finger into the central hole of the sponge and pull. A new one should be put in a few minutes before having sex to ensure absorption.

Another tip for having sex during your period is to change the lighter sheets for black ones. This will prevent you from being able to see the bloodstains if there is a spill, so you will feel more comfortable and at ease.

You can also, before putting on the dark sheets, change the mattress cover for a waterproof one. That way, you won't run the risk of getting the mattress dirty too.

The Menstrual Cup

The Lancet Public Health magazine did a study that tells us that menstrual cups are an amazing alternative to pads and tampons that cause the same amount (or less) of leaks.

This study concludes that menstrual cups are safe and increasingly used by women around the world as an alternative to sanitary towels or tampons.

The research concludes that 1.9 billion women, that is, about 26% of the world's population, were, in 2017, of menstrual age, but that ignorance , prejudice, costs and doubts about the safety of some products prevent girls and women from testing the full range of products available.

It was concluded that menstrual cups are as effective or more effective at preventing leakage than sanitary towels or tampons. Which are safe to be used by women and young people. That your purchase is increasingly easier due to the increase in the number of companies that in recent years have begun to market this type of products. And, finally, they may also be associated with a growing concern for the environment.

Although the menstrual cup is an alternative to traditional methods, there are still many reservations about its use. Therefore, they remain unpopular compared to sanitary towels and tampons.

This product has a part that serves to retain the liquid — which instead of being a small cotton straw like in the tampon is a reservoir — and another that serves to its removal from the vagina (instead of a thread, it is a kind of stalk).

The woman must mold the cup (it must be rolled into a tube) to be able to introduce it into the vagina, leaving the peduncle close to the entrance of the same and that serves to then remove it. Once inside the vaginal canal, the cup, being moldable, will open and “stick” to the vaginal walls, remaining in a vacuum. At that moment it will act as a cup that will retain the menstrual flow. The menstrual cup has twice the capacity of traditional pads and tampons.

Those with low flow can go a maximum of 12 hours without removing the cup.

To remove it:
- Just pull the stalk which should also be inside the vaginal canal, although accessible,
- Squeeze the bottom of the cup to end the vacuum effect and remove it.
- Then just flush the toilet, wipe the cup with wipes or wash it and it's ready for reuse.

This method does not have as much impact on the environment as dressings and tampons, which are single-use, as it can be reused.

As for the material, the menstrual cup is made of hypoallergenic surgical silicone. There are already several brands selling the product on the Portuguese market, with the price being around 30 euros and the glass can last up to ten years. But, our glass is much cheaper than this average and has the same characteristics. For €19.99 you can already have your menstrual cup. SEE HERE.

In investigations involving 507 women, menstrual cups had no negative effects on vaginal flora (the bacteria that live inside the vagina), which can lead to infections or discharge vaginal.

The study found that most women in several countries who tried to use menstrual cups felt comfortable and enjoyed using them. Of the percentage of participants in the analysis, 73% of women and youth said they would continue to use this method after learning how to use it and trying it out over multiple menstrual cycles.

Source: O Público, P3, Sofia Neves